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VegfestUK London 2015

11 Oct

Yesterday I spent the day at Olympia for Vegfest London 2015. As usual, I had a fab time. This time my tactic was to go round all of the stalls first, taste things, speak to people, but not spend any money. Then I had a cheeky half pint of cider and watched a couple of cookery demos (during which I tried some amazing raw lime cheesecake). I spent the last hour or so revisiting all of the stalls I was interested in and shopped my socks off. This meant that not only was I not lugging around heavy stuff all day, but it helped me make more rational shopping decisions. I’m being slightly frugal at the moment, partly because I’m getting a cat soon (and more on that another day), partly because I’m just about to start learning to drive – neither of which are particularly cheap. So here they are, all of my VegfestUK London 2015 purchases (click on the pictures for a slideshow and product descriptions):



VegfestUK Brighton 2015

5 Apr

2015-03-28 17.14.38

On Saturday 28 March I took my favourite vegetarian boots to Brighton for the latest VegfestUK event. I love the sea, even on cold, wet, windy March days, so I had to take a little detour via the beach. After getting my fill of salty air I headed over the road to the Brighton Centre.

2015-03-28 22.04.56

I was really excited to browse the 160 stalls, particularly the foodie ones. I tried a lot of products, and of course bought quite a few as well. Some of these were things I already know and love, like Hoots multigrain snacks and Ombar raw chocolate. My top discovery of the day was the crumbly vanilla fudge from Scoff – as I gushingly told the woman on the stall I’ve been craving fudge pretty much constantly since I went vegan, and this really hit the spot.

After my first visit to the stalls I had a good sit down in the cinema and watched a couple of short films from Animal Aid, one about animal testing and another about intensively-reared chickens. They were both interesting, if a little hard-hitting, and served as a good reminder of why we were all there.

2015-03-28 15.12.11

After a second trip around the main exhibition and a bit more shopping, it was time to go to the food village for a spot of lunch. I’m so SO bad at deciding what to eat when I’m given a choice, and here I was with an overwhelming amount of choice that vegans aren’t normally used to. I think I changed my mind no fewer than six times before I went for some pad thai with vegetables and tofu, which was delicious.

2015-03-28 15.37.16

Then it was time to head upstairs to the UK’s first ever Vegan Comedy Festival. For me, stand-up comedy and beer go hand-in-hand, so I got a pint of bitter from Pitfield Brewery. The comedy was brilliant. The comedians didn’t talk exclusively about being vegan, but I think a comedian who shares your interests and values is bound to be funnier than one you have nothing in common with. My favourite was Jake Yapp, who talked about the different types of vegans (apparently I’m a level 4 because I love tempeh), sang a song that made me cry, and did a live version of this:


2015-03-28 21.59.27

I had just enough time after this to head back down and pick up a couple of refrigerated items before the stalls closed at 5pm. I was limited by the size of my cool bag, but I bought some Dee’s sausages (gorgeous, but not the easiest to cook), and some vegan coleslaw and egg mayo from Badger’s.

I had a fantastic time, as I knew I would. I’m moving house this week, so I only really had time to go for the day. I wish I had been able to go for the whole weekend; I don’t feel I got to do everything I wanted and I would have loved to have seen more of the comedy festival. Also, I’d never been to Brighton before, and I’d like to see and experience it properly. Next time I’m definitely going to make a long weekend of it.

http://brighton.vegfest.co.uk/ – VegfestUK Brighton.

http://vegfest.co.uk/ – other VegfestUK events around the country.

GIVEAWAY – Vegfest UK Brighton tickets

18 Jan


Update: this giveaway has now ended, and the lucky winner is Nic F – congratulations! – 22nd February 2015

Anyone who read my post from September 2014 about Vegfest UK London will know how much I love their events, so I’m thrilled to announce that I’m giving away two free tickets to Vegfest UK Brighton, on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March 2015. I’ll be going myself of course, and I’m particularly looking forward trying and buying new vegan products and watching some stand up comedy. Do you want to watch a cookery demonstration and eat some delicious vegan food? Would you like to learn more about nutrition, politics, or how to support wildlife and the environment? Maybe you’re interested in meeting other like-minded people. Whether you’re just thinking about making the transition to vegetarianism, or a long-term vegan, this is the event for you!

I have two weekend tickets for Vegfest Brighton UK to give away to one lucky winner. The festival is on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March 2015, at the Brighton Centre, BN1 2GR, UK. Travel and accommodation are not included. Entries close on Sunday 22nd February 2015 at 12am. Please do not enter this giveaway if you’re one of my family, friends, or colleagues – sorry! For more information on Vegfest UK Brighton please see brighton.vegfest.co.uk.

(it takes less than a minute to enter; external site, powered by Rafflecopter)

Doners, quiche, VegFest, focaccia – a 2014 review

1 Jan

Most-read post – By quite a long way, it was the seitain doner kebab meat that I wrote back in May. I’m a tiny bit embarrassed that my most popular recipe is also one of the unhealthiest, but I’m also so proud that something we put so much thought in to came out exactly how we wanted. I hope that people who search for vegan junk food recipes find what they’re looking for on my site, but are inspired by the healthier articles.

My favourite recipe – The recipe I posted on my one-year bloggiversary in April, it’s vegan quiche with spinach, leeks, and pine nuts. Quiche was a bit of an obsession of mine in my pre-vegan days, so I was really pleased to come up with a recipe that was both delicious and satisfying, without an animal product in sight.

My favourite non-foodie article – It’s a difficult choice, but I’d have to go with the post about VegFest London from September, simply because I had so much fun “researching” it. I wrote the post as soon as I got home from VegFest. I didn’t over-think what I was going to say, so I my enthusiasm and excitement about the event are genuine.

My top foodie discovery of 2014 – the stuffed focaccia we ate on holiday in Italy, which had roasted courgettes, aubergines, and peppers baked right into it. Just a few weeks later I went on a bread-making course and learned how to make focaccia, and I’m now getting the hang of doing it at home. Watch this space, the recipe may well appear on this blog in the near future.

Still to come in 2015 – an easy, adaptable pesto recipe; vegan parkin; and my adventures with home-made tempeh.

VegfestUK London 2014

28 Sep

I’ve just got back from a brilliant day out at VegfestUK London at Kensington Olympia. According to their website, 10,000 people went through their doors today, to try and buy vegan products, do some clothes shopping, browse books and magazines, eat some amazing food, meet people from conservation organisations and welfare charities, and to watch talks and stand-up comedy. I could have easily spent the whole weekend there, especially because there were so many caterers selling different incredible-looking meals. Here are some of my photos.

My favourite thing about VegfestUK is that it’s a completely vegan festival. It’s kind of tiring going to an event as the vegan in the room, always having to check and ask what I can and can’t eat. It was exciting to be in a place where I’m normal, where everything I could see was edible. Here are some of the thing we bought. I’m particularly excited about the crazy amount of snack bars, my new favourite chocolate from Ombar, and the Round Up wagon wheels (I’ve had them before and they’re incredible). We also bought some Mr Nice Pie pies for tonight’s dinner from (not pictured), which I’m really looking forward to.

Ok, so despite there being so many caterers offering beautiful, colourful, healthy meals, as soon as we heard that Vegusto were selling hot dogs all good intentions went out the window. Here’s one of their delicious frankfurters with fried onions, ketchup and mustard. It was amazing, I regret nothing.

In true Mrs Veg style, as soon as I saw the bar I had to go for a vegan ale. Here’s me sampling a pint of Eco Warrior from an organic brewery called Pitfield’s.

VegfestUK is a brilliant day out for vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious. I’m already looking forward to going back next year.

http://london.vegfest.co.uk/ – VegfestUK London.

http://vegfest.co.uk/ – other VegfestUK events around the country.

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