Product review – Oatly oat drink

Oatly, the Swedish brand of oat milk, has recently rebranded. Their previously bland, generic packaging has been replaced by a quirky design that proudly shows off their ethical standpoint and the health benefits of oats, as well as their reduced environmental impact. The carton explains how they chose to use oats because they’re “tall and […]

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Speedy, seedy soda bread

I love baking my own bread, but because I work full-time I just don’t have the time to make it in the week and really do it justice. Luckily I’ve recently discovered soda bread, which doesn’t need kneading or rising time. It takes about five minutes to throw everything together and stick in the oven […]

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My quest for vegan parmesan

When I first started cutting back on cheese, I bought a dairy-free parmesan substitute from the supermarket. It was a pale yellow powder that sort of had the smell of parmesan but none of the flavour. When sprinkled onto pasta, it would instantly dissolve into the pasta sauce without adding anything to the taste. It […]

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