A very veggie Christmas

“So, what do you eat for Christmas dinner?” It’s the one question all meat-eaters want to ask vegetarians and vegans at this time of year. It’s no surprise they’re curious, food seems like one of the most important aspects of Christmas, and for many people the idea of Christmas day without a massive dead bird […]

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Lab-grown meat and vegetarianism

Laboratory-grown meat has been in the news again lately. With headlines such as Could vegetarians eat a ‘test tube’ burger? (BBC) and Meat without Murder (Vegetarian Times), at first glance it looks like it could be great news for vegetarians. However, a recent online poll by the Vegetarian Society has shown that less that 7% […]

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Spanokopitta sausage rolls

At the weekend, my mum asked me to bake some vegetarian sausage rolls for a family picnic. Normally I’d wrap some veggie sausages in puff pastry and get on with my day but on this occasion I was the only vegetarian there, and I wanted to make something the omnivores would enjoy as much as […]

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Cheese and caramelised onion quiche

A couple of days ago I updated my About page to mention that most things I cook are simple, seasonal, mostly healthy, and mostly vegan. I’ve somehow managed to contradict myself already with this recipe. It’s not simple (it’s not that complicated but I wouldn’t do something like this after a long day at work), […]

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Friday night pizza

You know the feeling. You get home from work on a Friday night after a busy week and you’re so tired you can’t be bothered to cook. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve finished work on a Friday evening full of good intentions, only to end up eating a disappointing shop-bought pizza […]

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