VegfestUK London 2015

Yesterday I spent the day at Olympia for Vegfest London 2015. As usual, I had a fab time. This time my tactic was to go round all of the stalls first, taste things, speak to people, but not spend any money. Then I had a cheeky half pint of cider and watched a couple of cookery demos (during which I tried some amazing raw lime cheesecake). I spent the last hour or so revisiting all of the stalls I was interested in and shopped my socks off. This meant that not only was I not lugging around heavy stuff all day, but it helped me make more rational shopping decisions. I’m being slightly frugal at the moment, partly because I’m getting a cat soon (and more on that another day), partly because I’m just about to start learning to drive – neither of which are particularly cheap. So here they are, all of my VegfestUK London 2015 purchases (click on the pictures for a slideshow and product descriptions):



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