In my veg box this week – purple sprouting broccoli, parsley, fava beans

This week we have:

Purple sprouting broccoli
It’s broccoli! It’s purple! What’s not to love? We grew both purple and white sprouting broccoli a few years ago, and for a couple of months we had a never ending supply of home grown broccoli. You would think we’d be sick of it but no, it was glorious.

A big bag of parsley
From time to time I get a surprise herb in the veg box. If it’s something I use a lot or can use a lot of in one go (like basil) that’s great, but parsley… Seriously? I use it but I can’t recall a time when I’ve ever needed 50g of it. I’ll either use the whole lot to make parsley pesto, which I’ve never tried before but like the sound of, or this week it will be parsley in everything.

Fava beans
The veg box company are trying to promote fava beans at the moment. Apparently farmers (especially organic ones) grow them between crops to improve the soil, but because nobody in this country eats them they have to export the beans to the middle east. I’m a huge fan of beans and lentils so I am very happy to try them. They look like large lentils, similar to yellow split peas or chana dal, and that’s exactly how I’m going to cook them. I’m going to make a lovely lentil curry and serve it poured all over some rice and the broccoli. Lush.

Also received this week: onions, carrots, potatoes, two tiny red cabbages, a slightly moudly swede (yes, I have complained), mixed salad leaves, oranges, pears, bananas.


9 thoughts on “In my veg box this week – purple sprouting broccoli, parsley, fava beans

  1. I make parsley pesto, and it is good IMO. If you have any parsley left over, the best thing to do is freeze it loose in a carrier bag – stalks and all. Then once frozen give the bag a healthy bash – tip ‘chopped’ contents into a smaller freezer bag or tub (keep it quick to stop it defrosting) and pop straight back in the freezer to use at your leisure. You will have free flowing chopped parsley from the freezer.

  2. Parsley – I was thinking along the lines of Turkish salads too: loads of chopped herbs mixed with favourite salad bits & pieces. And with pomegranate molasses if poss; I’ve got some spare from Turkey, so I’ll try to remember to bring some to give some to Mr V in the office.

    Which box scheme do you have? I’m very tempted by it – thank you!

    1. Ooh I need to find some wild garlic. I’m living on £1 a day next week for Live Below the Line, so I’m really keen to find some food for free. It’s hard, there’s not a lot in season at the moment.

  3. Parsley pesto sounds lovely. I would actually love to try fava beans as I’ve seen them in lots of recipes online but never seem to see them in the shops. Maybe a veg box is the way to go.

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