In my veg box this week – first courgettes and peppers of the year, pak choi

Even though I’ve been getting a veg box for a couple of years now, it’s still really exciting every week when I get home and find it on my doorstep. Some weeks, the mystery and anticipation of bringing it in and unpacking it makes it feel like Christmas morning. Today when I picked up the bunch of bananas and found my first courgette of the year underneath it, I actually squealed with joy. I know I’ll be sick of courgettes by September (especially as I grow my own), but the first few every year are always a real treat. Numerous gluts over the years have resulted in hundreds of ideas for courgettes, but I think my absolute favourite is to add them to scrambled tofu. Yes, courgette for breakfast, I’m a real vegetable addict.

Other treats this week include:

Pointy peppers
Another exciting first of the year. These long red peppers look like giant chillies, but are sweet and fruity rather than hot. They’re another great addition to scrambled tofu, but I think this week they’ll be going into a salad or pasta dish.

Pak choi
Pak choi is a glorious green! The stems are sweet and juicy, the leafy part is similar to spinach. It’s lovely steamed, and incredible stir-fried.

Also received this week: cauliflower, yet more beetroot, onions, pears, kiwis, oranges, bananas.



3 thoughts on “In my veg box this week – first courgettes and peppers of the year, pak choi

  1. Like the sound of peppers or courgettes with the scrambled tofu, do you vary the spices that you put with it to match the veg ?
    As for beetroot I`ve just dug up he last from my allotment and they were better than I hoped , I suppose because we`ve had a mid winter they`ve been fine in the ground.

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