Perfect English asparagus


Nothing brings me more joy than the English asparagus season. It only lasts for a few weeks, but it is well worth the wait. Yes, you can get asparagus all year round, but for 11 months of the year it is bland, disappointing, and has traveled halfway round the world. You can’t beat fresh, local, tender, delicious stems, dripping in butter…

Yes, I could post a recipe for doing something unusual with it, but steamed asparagus is a thing of beauty. Just add a knob of butter, or an egg (poached or soft-boiled) and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Perfect English asparagus

  1. From the other side of the world I say hear, hear. I live in Australia and we have only two short times of the year when asparagus is actually in season..the rest of the time it comes from other places in the world and is nothing to write home about. I love it just the way you have described, with butter, or grilled with some lemon. Feeling envious because it is a long, long time away until I can have it. Enjoying vicariously.

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