Avocado toast

Vegetarian snack of champions!

Avocado Toast

My favourite snack at the moment is half an avocado mashed on a slice of toast, with a sprinkle of pine nuts. Avocado has a really luxurious taste and texture, but this actually counts as one of your five-a-day. Amazing.

A note on buying avocados: I never ever buy them from a supermarket. They tend to have been refrigerated and that makes them more likely to be horrible and brown inside. They’re much better if you can get them from somewhere that knows what they’re doing with their veg, like a market or greengrocer, plus you’ll be supporting a local independent business too!


5 thoughts on “Avocado toast

    1. Thanks! Another touch of genius that I forgot to mention is a thin spread of tahini under the avocado, instead of the pine nuts on top. Beautiful, and a great extra source of protein. Mr Veg likes pepper and lemon on his, I prefer it pure and simple.

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