Vegan cheesy sprinkles

A super tasty vegan parmesan-style topping for pasta or salad. Recipe (makes one small jar): 3 tablespoons hulled hemp seeds 3 tablespoons nooch Half a teaspoon garlic powder Pinch of salt Pop all of the ingredients in a jar. Put the lid on, give it a little shake to mix everything together, and you’re good […]

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Crispy tofu

There are a few well-known tips for turning tofu from a wet, bland blob into something worth eating: Press the water out of it to make it absorbent and fryable. Marinate it to make it tasty. Coat it in cornflour before frying to crisp it up. I usually press it then either marinated or coated […]

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Air Fryer Garlic Knots

I may write at some point about how much I love my air fryer and how you definitely need to buy one, but for now I’m just going to share my new favourite recipe. These are a delicious alternative to garlic bread, lovely and soft and fresh, and with only about 15 minutes’ effort. This […]

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VegfestUK London 2015

Yesterday I spent the day at Olympia for Vegfest London 2015. As usual, I had a fab time. This time my tactic was to go round all of the stalls first, taste things, speak to people, but not spend any money. Then I had a cheeky half pint of cider and watched a couple of […]

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VegfestUK Brighton 2015

On Saturday 28 March I took my favourite vegetarian boots to Brighton for the latest VegfestUK event. I love the sea, even on cold, wet, windy March days, so I had to take a little detour via the beach. After getting my fill of salty air I headed over the road to the Brighton Centre. […]

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Chickpea flour scramble

You would never guess that the stuff that makes Indian pakoras so cripsy and holds together falafel would also make a creamy and satisfying scrambled egg substitute. The secret is to let the batter sit for a few hours. Not only does that sort out any lumps, but the flour particles soak up the water […]

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Roasted broccoli tofu quiche

  Poor old quiche doesn’t have the best reputation, people either think that (a) it’s a bit fiddly to make, or that (b) it belongs in the seventies along with vol-au-vents and cheese and pineapple on sticks. If either of these applies to you then please cast aside your doubts and give it a go! […]

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